For students ages 4 and 5 who are in Early School/Pre K4 or entering Kindergarten

The Hawks Haven Nest provides our youngest campers with the same quality and diverse program found in our Primary Camp. Campers participate in fun, active, enriching activities that are developmentally appropriate. While these children will not participate in off­-campus field trips, we will bring special events and activities to campus just for them!

A typical day will include both individual and small group activities with an emphasis on:

• Developing social skills

• Providing cognitive challenges

• Learning to cooperate and function successfully in a group

• Exploring

• Building self­-confidence

• Learning to make choices

• Developing a love of learning

• Character Development

• Creative Thinking

Every day will include indoor activities ­ writing, painting, cutting, and puzzles ­ and outdoor activities like water fun and great games. Both give your child a chance to develop gross and fine motor skills and include “free choice” as well as instructor-­led activities. Because of our busy schedule, all the children can benefit from rest or “down time” where a nap or story time is encouraged.