For students entering grades 7 through 9.


(attitude = Italian attitudine, meaning “fitness”)

Do you like to be active?  Do you want to be more active?  Are you looking for an alternative to an organized sport, but still want to be part of a team?  Are you interested in keeping in shape for a fall sport?  Most of all, do you want to have fun?  Then this high-energy boot camp is for you!  If, that is, you have the right attitude.  

This boot camp is designed specifically for developing young bodies and minds, with a fun (and safe) mixture of body weight exercises, running and cardio, partner and group exercises, games and obstacle courses.  All movements help build coordination, balance, and motivation.  Stretching before and after exercise is emphasized, and mindfulness and yoga techniques are integrated each day.  (And did we mention the music?)  

All participants need is a good pair of tennis shoes, comfortable workout clothes, a water bottle, and a positive attitude!  No other equipment necessary.  By the end of the camp, participants will walk away with lots of ideas for maintaining a healthy body and mind in the future!

Dates: July 25-29, 2016

Time: 11:00 am – 12:30 pm

Tuition: $70

Location: Flagpole at Primary School entrance

Instructors: Ana Moreno and Dominic Inouye, founders of Countdown Racine, a Monday morning workout program, and long-time members of November Project Milwaukee, a free workout group which meets every Wednesday and Friday morning throughout the year.  Ms. Moreno is also the School Counselor, and Mr. Inouye is the Co-Chair of the English Department.

Minimum: 8

Maximum: 50